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Erica Fields

Erica Fields is President and majority owner of her Grain Marketing firm, Brooks Grain, LLC.  She started the business in 2007 after working in the grain industry since 1974.  Originally from Minneapolis MN, Erica and her wife, Patience Fields, moved to Louisville in February of 2017.  The move was a result of the incredible growth of bourbon and rye whiskey, and the distilleries that Brooks Grain supplies.  Erica has been supplying rye to the distilling industry since 1978, and spent a lot of time in Louisville over these last 40 years.

Brooks Grain, LLC is a certified LGBT business enterprise, and prior to their move to Kentucky, Erica was on the board of Twin Cities Quorum, the Minneapolis based chapter of the National Gay, Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.   She has been an active member of the NGLCC for the past 4 years.  

Erica is also active in other areas as well.  She is a Rotarian, a past  Club President, and for the last 3 years served as Assistant District Governor in her old district in Minnesota.  She is in the process of joining the Rotary Club of Louisville.

Erica is also on the board of Gender Justice, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating gender bias. 

Erica is looking forward to becoming an involved member of the Diverse Communities in Louisville.

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