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Zach Meiners

Zach is a Kentucky born film director and entrepreneur who has been finding creative ways to tell stories since he learned to talk. Zach was introduced to the arts at an early age, discovering his love for film from the world around him. He directed his first feature before the age of 21, following it up with his second feature in 2015, “I Am Potential” based on life of world acclaimed musician and speaker, Patrick Henry Hughes. The film starred Burgess Jenkins (Remember the Titans), Jama Williamson (Parks & Rec), and Judge Reinhold (Santa Clause). Zach also worked for the Olympic Broadcasting Services during the 2012 Olympics in London. He started Chronicle Cinema in 2014, and has worked with a number of national brands including Procter & Gamble, Valvoline, Humana, & AT&T. Chronicle Cinema will be one of the founding members of Civitas, the new NGLCC chapter launching at DDBS in Louisville.

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