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Josh Ison

Born in Texas and raised in Kentucky, Josh Ison grew up around graphic design. Between constantly drawing, to doing design work and photography for his families monthly publication "Extremz Magazine", Josh developed a love for all things creative. In 2008 Josh graduated college after spending 4 years obtaining his graphic design degree while also dipping his toes into web-design and filmmaking. While in college, he won a few awards and began his career with a job at design company "TMP Worldwide". where he worked his way up from a production artist (making simple changes to existing ad templates) to a full-time member of the creative team, eventually becoming a part-time project manager. 

Over the years, Josh has worked several jobs with the desire to always experience new things. He would be the head creative for GMeals and GFoundation, Marketing and Operations Director for 1619 Flux: Art + Activism and now Graphic Designer for DDBS and TBAIN&CO. 

Josh also runs his own freelance web design and graphic design business "Agent Robot Solutions", where he helps clients with building out their branding, websites, logos, social media etc. 


Josh lives in Louisville with his wife Renae and two cats Luke and Leia... and yes... Josh and his wife are Star Wars nerds!

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