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Jimmy Ray III

Jimmy moved from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA in 2005 where he would graduate high school in 2006 winning several awards for outstanding achievement in Math & Science.

This recognition assisted him in being recruited by the National Marketing arm for AT&T, Cydcor,  where he was directly responsible for marketing strategies to acquire or reacquire market share within his designated region.  Exceeding expectations and being known for his grit and get it done approach, he was promoted to assist with the organizations expansion into the Louisville market.  

After record achievement, Jimmy decided to return to his original success with numbers, and transitioned his career path to personal financial services. In 2016, he ran a small insurance agency, and in 2019, he joined a premier-level regional bank as a personal banker. In 2020, Jimmy became a registered Financial Advisor working with one of the largest investment firms and global banking institutions in North America. 

One of Jimmy’s accomplishments is having served as the President of the AJCC’s Student Government Association where he met with congressmen and gave public speeches on behalf of an underrepresented community that needed to be given a voice. Jimmy has been involved in philanthropy starting in his youth and has continued with numerous volunteer efforts throughout his life with a special focus in providing food and necessities to those who are less fortunate.

Jimmy is a family man. His wife was born in Örebro, Sweden, and together they have a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl. He enjoys traveling and seasonal outdoor activities such as skiing, snorkeling, playing flag football or soccer, and canoeing.

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