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Steven Easley

Steven Easley is a creative innovator, marketing strategist and design expert with more than 20 years of expertise creating impactful visual brand solutions for Fortune 500 companies and high net-worth clients across numerous industries.  He has an extensive range of creative leadership experiences in communication strategy and development, branding, graphic design, and B2B/B2C marketing.  He uses his talents and resources to create dynamic and impactful campaigns and corporate narratives.

Steven graduated as the first African-American Valor Dictorian of Valley Forge Military College.  He continued his pursuit of education at Xavier University (OH) were he completed both a dual bachelor's degree program in Information Systems and Marketing and an MBA in International Marketing.  He has served two tours in Iraq as a Captain in the U.S. Army.  After his tours in Iraq he was lead to found Easley Blessed Photography and then Easley Blessed Media. 

He now shares his expertise and talents as a speaker and consultant to enhance client relationships, motivate leaders, drive team collaboration and deliver creative solutions for top agencies and innovative brands.  He lives by the quote  "If your light shines bright share it with others so that they too may find their way."

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