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Festival Crowd

Derby Diversity Week fest

Festival by Night

DDW has extended our lineup to become business by day and festival by night! You can experience even more of what the City of Louisville and Derby Diversity Week have to offer!  Make great connections, gain relevant and useful information, and enjoy the great things the Derby City has to offer during its most festive time of the year!

Idea Thon Logo.png


Ideathon is a competition focused on promoting diversity in entrepreneurship and technology. It also serves as a forum for presenting new concepts in business and philanthropy. It grants entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their concepts to people of influence and gives them the opportunity to network with other creative people-including each other. Bridges built and connections made at this event can multiply, strengthening our bonds and making monumental ideas take flight.

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With the theme "Unity On Beat," the Derby Diversity Week Influencer Block Party is a shindig too big for one building to contain. We're going all out and celebrating good times with a full city block, all the way live. It's music, it's fashion, it's style, it's the good life wired for sound in vivid, living color. Come hungry, come thirsty, and come read to get up and get down with the best tastemakers around. Are you one of them? Better look sharp!

Derby Block Party Logo-color.png


what to expect during the 2023 derby sneaker ball:

Celebrity Guests

Live Performances

Sneaker Photo Studio


Your freshest threads with your most comfortable shoes. What's not to love? The Derby Diversity Week

Sneaker Ball is the place to be- for fun, for revelry, for making memories that will last a lifetime, and

having all the pictures to prove it. The drinks will flow, the good times will roll, and the fun is on tap all night long.

international derby travels the runway

Spring is already the prime time season in fashion, but that's especially the case in the Derby City. The race may run for just a couple of minutes, but the celebration leading up to it goes on for days, and that means lots of fresh looks are an absolute necessity. That's where the Derby Diversity Week Fashion Show comes in. What's on the vanguard of style? Here's where you need to be to see for yourself.

DDW Awards logo-2023.png

derby diversity awards

The Derby Diversity Awards are presented to individuals and corporations that exemplify outstanding excellence and achievement in working towards an inclusive future for all. It's a chance to celebrate and show appreciation for the hard work, compassion, and efforts of leaders worldwide.

derby primp & play

It all leads up to Derby season. This is the time to be your best, and to do that, you've got to look your best. The ace team of beauticians that assemble for Derby Diversity Week Primp and Play are ready, set, and they're going to get you and all your friends lookng glam, glorious, and right on point.

Primp&Play Logo-PURPLE SMALL.png

derby diversity week wig party

We love new stuff, and this party is no exception! Making its debut for the first time, The Derby Wig Party will be curated with some of the best LGBTQ allies. It's a celebration of creativity and pride through over-the-top wigs! Look forward to cocktails and bites to celebrate the uniqueness of mankind during one of the most extraordinary weeks of all time.

KY black girl magic

A space and time to share powerful messages and stories, the Black Girl Magic Luncheon is a beacon of inspiration for Black Women to join together and celebrate achievements in work, milestones in life, love, and sharing in a sisterhood that spans generations. It's all about empowerment, unity, and looking ahead to build a brighter future for all via the unique experiences shared by African American women from every background.

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